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// Brand new home site launched!

Website you are viewing now superseded a simple landing page available here since 2009.

I'm going to publish here posts related to my interests and currently encountered issues.

New page is running on DokuWiki engine with my minor changes. Frontend platform is a tiny router with Marvell Kirkwood ARM CPU with Debian onboard, so some parts of dynamic content are served via Varnish + Nginx from more powerful backends. 100% of content is available via IPv6.

Some parts of former pages are still being moved.

Happy reading.

// How to unlock Philips CAR400

A proper maintenance of car requires disconnection of power cable from battery in some cases.

Philips CAR 400 radio receiver

If you have Philips CAR400 radio receiver, which was mounted as a factory default in many Opel/Vauxhall vehicles, this means that you have to know your security code to get radio working again. If you have lost it or bougth car without it you have a problem. Fortunately, it is quite easy to recover it.

// Coffee maker - preparations for PID

Step response for La Pavoni Domus Bar. To avoid overheating, force feedback from factory dual-state controller wasn't removed, so it is closed loop.
Control signal was 10% PWM.

Legend: green - output level as a percent of full power [%], blue - temperature [°C].

Full size graph: step_10proc.png.

// Inside La Pavoni Domus Bar coffee machine

Since first day with my new espresso machine I was curious about how it looks under the hood. Finally I've opened it, I hope my photos satisfies one's curiosity.

Hello World!

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