// HP BladeSystem - Onboard supervisor chip reverse engineering

In a previous post I presented way to power up blade switch module, without having a chassis. It was a pure hardware approach, by enforcing logic states on particular IC's pins. Now, I'll present internal onboard protocol eavesdroping which lead to preparing custom firmware.

 Eavesdropped I²C communication during boot

// Hardware Hacking of Cisco Catalyst for HP Blade System

CBS-3020 Gigabit Ethernet switch offers stunning performance and many enterprise features for relatively cheap price, comparable with SOHO devices. As it was designed for HP's proprietary c-class Blade System, bringing it to operation at home requires some tinkering, but not much.

It has 8x (or 24x) ports, including 4 slots for SFP modules for optical transceivers. It is fully managed, has full support for L2 switching, and limited L3 routing at wire-speed. In addition, it weights less than 2kg, and the size is 200x270x30mm – less then most of rack devices (19” or even 10”).

// ATmega8 data logger with FAT32

This post describes very simple SDcard data logger I've made recently. It can be used to log NMEA datagrams from GPS receiver, or any other serial half-duplex streams. With TTL serial input it can also be used to intercept transmission between any devices with UART.

// Sterownik ekspresu do kawy z regulatorem PID

Przedstawiam mój ostatni projekt, mikroprocesorowy sterownik ekspresu do kawy z regulatorem PID. Został zaprojektowany z myślą o ekspresie La Pavoni Domus Bar, ale może być użyty z praktycznie każdym podobnym urządzeniem, a także do sterowania dowolnymi innymi obiektami grzewczymi/chłodniczymi.

W tej części artykułu znajduje się opis części sprzętowej, jako że część programowa nadal podlega dalszemu rozwojowi to pojawi się w najbliższym czasie.

 Sterownik zainstalowany na ekspresie

 Mikroprocesorowy sterownik ekspresu z regulatorem PID

 Mikroprocesorowy sterownik ekspresu z regulatorem PID

// Coffee PID controller - Hardware

I'd like to present my last project, a coffee PID controller. It has been designed to be used with La Pavoni Domus Bar coffee machine, but it can be attached to any similar hardware. This article describes hardware part, next part will discuss software.

 Controller on coffee machine

 PID Controller chassis