// Coffee PID controller - Hardware

I'd like to present my last project, a coffee PID controller. It has been designed to be used with La Pavoni Domus Bar coffee machine, but it can be attached to any similar hardware. This article describes hardware part, next part will discuss software.

 Controller on coffee machine

 PID Controller chassis

// Coffee maker - preparations for PID

Step response for La Pavoni Domus Bar. To avoid overheating, force feedback from factory dual-state controller wasn't removed, so it is closed loop.
Control signal was 10% PWM.

Legend: green - output level as a percent of full power [%], blue - temperature [°C].

Full size graph: step_10proc.png.

// Inside La Pavoni Domus Bar coffee machine

Since first day with my new espresso machine I was curious about how it looks under the hood. Finally I've opened it, I hope my photos satisfies one's curiosity.